Monday, December 6, 2010

Where the f*ck is Qatar?

I know this is a news story, but I wanted to talk today a little bit about the recent World Cup bid, and more so the aftermath of it.

Just in case you're one of the 7 people in England who hasn't heard this story I'll briefly explain. England placed a bid to host the 2018 world cup, and was deemed to have the best technical bid, be ready to host the world cup tomorrow, and have the best commercial bid as well. We spent over £15m on it, during a time of massive cutbacks in the country, and we achieved... well... 2 out of 22 votes, one of which was from the English delegate. The actual bid went to Russia.
Also, the 2022 World Cup bid was announced, and this went to Qatar, much to the displeasure of the USA who were the clear favourites. Qatar has just over 1 million people, is a Muslim state with strict drinking laws and can reach up to 50 degrees in the summer time.
Russia and Qatar hosting the World Cups... as you can expect this has causes quite a stir in the footballing world!

Now, some people have been quite sensible. The head of the FA has revoked his bid to be the permanent chief, saying he could not work with FIFA. Others have called for an investigation into alleged corruption in the ExCo of FIFA, or for a change in the system.

However, a few characters have tried to get involved but have not quite understood the purpose of it all. Rio Ferdinand and Jack Wilshere, two of England's senior players, have a lot of influence on young people. So to state their protest against this abomination, they have decided to stop following Sepp Blatter on twitter. STICK IT TO THE MAN GUYS!!!

Also, Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has stepped in to try and punish these guys. Having previously offered them free rooms for the 2012 Olympics, he has now revoked them. I can't help but feel these 22 multi-millionaires won't be all the affected by losing some free rooms? Although my concern is, isn't this also a form of bribery??

Finally, as sad as the event is... I can't help but feel the times went too far with their headline "End of the world for England".

Let me know what you guys think about this!

Peace and Love

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