Thursday, November 25, 2010

So, this is a blog...

Good evening bloggers!
Lets get this whole blogging thing started with a couple of quick short stories shall we? I've never done a blog before, so I don't really know the correct etiquette.

I'm at university in Leicester and I went to visit my friend in Sheffield. I hadn't been  there for quite some time, so I'd forgotten what the people there were like (I only live 15 minutes away, but still). Walking out of the station the first thing I heard was a girl saying "If he does that one more time, I'm gonna smash his head in with a crow bar"... Welcome home! Now for me, the punishment has to fit the crime, surely? If he raped her or beat her... fine... anything else, just calm down love!... certainly don't use a crow bar! I also saw a very large man on the train. He was wearing an American sports Jersey saying "Giants"... I couldn't help but giggle to myself and think "you're not wrong there mate". Of course I didn't say anything, he would have sat on me... or ate me.

I'm also currently living in Cyprus... studying out here. The first day I arrived, it was 34 degrees here. Hotter than its been all year in England. I chose to come to Cyprus for the weather... its warm and I can get away from the constant rain. I get in a taxi off the plane (who overcharged me, no surprises there), guess what happened? IT FUCKING RAINED!! The taxi driver told me it was the first day it had rained there in 7 months (I think he may have meant weeks)... I couldn't believe it, god really does hate me. The taxi driver also ran a red light, but that's nothing compared to what some of the drivers are like here. I'll do a Cyprus blog at a later date.

I'll just write up one more story, because I know no-one is going to read this and quite frankly I'm bored. Have you ever played that game, where you tell someone 3 stories about yourself... one is true... two are false, and to see how well they know you they have to guess which of the stories is true. I was playing this with a friend once, I'll not name names (Hanna Davis), and my three things were:
1) I've met the entire Newcastle squad
2) I have been on stage with the chuckle brothers
3) Something else that I can no longer remember.
She correctly guessed it was number 2. I told her "Yeah, it was the greatest day of my life" to which she responded "What, even better than meeting the entire Newcastle Squad?"...
I don't think she understood the game, do you?

If you enjoyed this, please share my link. I'll try and write a blog once a week, I have many stories to tell, and even if no-one reads them... its a great chance to deviate from work I should otherwise be doing!

Peace and Love

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