Monday, November 29, 2010

You had me in stitches...

Good afternoon bloggers!

I just want to quickly tell you about my choice of title. Around 3 weeks ago, I broke a plate and cut my hand open on it, so had to have stitches! I'm in Cyprus, they didn't use anaesthetic, it was painful as hell! Anyway, I was told to go back two weeks later to get them removed... so I did. Turns out that department is shut at weekends... at the GENERAL HOSPITAL?! Welcome to Cyprus! I left them a few days, they started to become a bit infected, some got ripped out a party (that was fun) and I removed the other two by myself... a painful experience considering I'd left them in too long! This is a lesson kids... Don't use plates!

Anyway. My theme for today's story is all about family. Now we all have family who at some point or another say something stupid, maybe they pronounce "fa├žade" wrong (if you don't know why that's funny, try saying it different ways... or go ask your parents), but a certain member of my family seems to continually say absurd stuff, that are so strange you couldn't script them. I just want to tell you a few of these stories.

Let me set the scene. It’s a family gathering; some nice food on the go, a couple of games and everyone's having a laugh. There are a lot of people there, it’s very hot in the room, so the unnamed family member removes her jumper, and someone spots a mark on her back. Enquiring as to what it was, she announces it was a birthmark, and continues to say "Yeah, I've had it quite a few years now".

Just another quick story about the same lady. She was on a diet, as I'm sure most women are at some point in their lives (or every other week for some women), whether necessary or not. Upon seeing her a few weeks after the diet had started I asked her how it was going. She told me she'd lost a few pounds. All is good. She then continued to say "I think I've lost it all from my neck because I can now wear a necklace I couldn't before". Now, I've never dieted myself and don’t know much about it, but, I would assume that when you lose weight it doesn’t all come from your neck!

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